Each model in the Soundstage Signature Series lineup has taken advantage of the latest in speaker design coupled with the most advanced materials to create a line of premium products that bear the designer's signature.

The Signature Series was built from the ground up. This allowed designer, Ian Paisley, to select the best speaker cone materials, basket materials, and tweeter. He designed the crossover for optimum performance, and created a speaker cabinet that is free of resonance and vibrations which resulted in the best possible outcome of sound and appearance.

A speaker designer’s challenge is to get big sound out of a small speaker. In the Signature Series bookshelf speaker, Ian Paisley has achieved that goal. Bass response is normally achieved in two ways: a bigger box and a ported speaker design. The Signature Series bookshelf speaker uses neither. It was created with an electronic port in its crossover design, which means that the speaker thinks it has a port for bigger bass response than it does, without any of the factors that contribute to bad sound. The end result is a small speaker that sounds bigger than it actually is.


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