Floor shaking performance, elegant design.

SUBWOOFERS:    LF200    |    LF300    |   LF500


Want all the benefits of a big subwoofer in a smaller package? Then look no further than the Soundstage LF500, a high powered, triple array subwoofer designed for those that need a small subwoofer to cosmetically blend easily into their room but insist on floor shaking performance. Think of it like an acoustic grenade, packing a lot of explosive bass power into a small package. In the audio world, LF stands for Low Frequency and that’s exactly what these subwoofers produce, thunderous low frequencies to make your home sound like your favorite theater or concert venue. The LF series subwoofers were designed to blend perfectly with both the 3D and Cinema series speakers so there’s a Soundstage sub that will be perfect for you and your system. 

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