Ian Paisley has long been a passionate audiophile and inventor. At a young age, he designed and launched solid fuel rockets. After a slight mishap, he became a passionate audiophile. Later in life, the audiophile in him coupled with his passion for inventing led Ian to become an early pioneer in high-end loudspeaker design. Ian graduated with a Bachelor of Science in engineering from McMaster University and taught his discipline before his love of music and audio led him to enter the consumer electronics industry. In the early 70's, he founded Paisley Research and launched his own Paisley brand of audiophile speakers. At the end of the decade, he became a partner and head of engineering at Canadian Audio Products International. His experiences in concert halls and other musical venues eventually inspired Ian to attempt to develop something compeltely new and revolutionary in loudspeakers.

Ian Paisley designed a loudspeaker that measures 30Hz-20kHz +- 1/4 dB, possibly the world's flattest frequency response ever, but Ian believed there was a better way to improve speaker performance way beyond the traditional thinking.

Ian Paisley took research further by testing speakers with rear transducers that operate in-phase with the traditional front-mounted drivers. Ian Paisley is a firm believer in wide-dispersion loudspeakers. He came to this conclusion by trial and error from legendary work done at Canada's National Research Council. He and many other designers learned that the sound a person hears at the listening seat is a combination of the direct sound from the speaker and the reflected sound in the room. The best way to achieve great sound, Paisley feels, is to design a speaker that works with the room.

The new Soundstage Signature Series by Ian Paisley is a culmination of years of experience and science combined. It will give you an experience that bears the designer's signature.

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