The Blueprint series is designed for those that want to hear sensational Soundstage speakers but not necessarily see them. The magnetic grille and invisible bezel design provides the cleanest, easiest, stealthiest installation available today, so its preferred by installers but easy enough for the DIY’er.

The BPC 6.5" In-Wall speakers come with an easy to install mounting system, frame and grilles that can be painted to match your room decor and will provide years of sensational performance.

Magnetic grille with bezel-less design
Extremely easy to install, very thin framework -virtually entirely grille- blends into ceilings better than thick frames.

Fiberglass woofer
Similar to the material used in race car bodies because it is extremely strong yet light. The strength allows it to maintain its shape while playing deep bass, thus avoiding distortion. The lightness allows it to move quickly and in a controlled manner, producing tight, deep bass.

High Frequency Control
If there is too much high frequency output in the room you can set the switch to -2dB to trim down the highs and add a perceived boost to the midrange, making the sound much warmer.

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